Civilisations against the threat of social barbarism

Civilisations against the threat of social barbarism

This research area explores the way social barbarism has become part of contemporary socio-philosophical discourse. Focus is placed on questions of how ‘new forms of social barbarism’, within and across civilisations - including religious fundamentalism and secular extremism - lead to cultural destruction and violence, as well as the question of how different civilisations and countries can work together against the threat of social deterioration or barbarism.

Barbarians crossed the gate: Fighting terrorism as a modern crime

Terrorism, in its different forms, is a defining feature of modern life for people in cities, towns, and villages across the world. Fear of...
turkish elections

The Turkish elections and the Kurdish issue

On 24 June 2018, snap presidential and parliamentary elections were held in Turkey. Only one round of voting was needed: the incumbent President Recep...

Yemen: Still no light at the end of the tunnel

Counted in human lives and suffering, the ‘Golden Victory’ operation seems to be turning out to be truly golden. For many outside observers, Yemen looks...

Scenarios for a Kurdish future: Kurdish areas of Iraq and Syria today and tomorrow

A roundtable titled ‘Scenarios for a Kurdish future: Kurdish areas of Iraq and Syria today and tomorrow’ was organised at the DOC Moscow office...

Splitting the Iran nuclear deal

On Tuesday, 8 May, US President Donald Trump announced that USA would leave the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – the official agreement...
Disarmament of Chechen rebels in the mountain village of Zandak, 1996. (Credit: Vladimir Varfolomeev/Flickr)

The dynamics of extremism in Russia

On 11 April 2017, the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute held a roundtable on the dynamics of extremism in Russia, moderated by Prof. Alexey...
Desperation in Syria is growing. (Credit: zurijeta/Bigstock)

The heyday of power politics in Syria

Within a few years the Syrian Arab Republic has become a textbook example of power politics, but in a more modern and sophisticated form....
Rojava solidarity flyer, Berlin. (Credit: Joel Schalit/Souciant)

Rojava and beyond

Throughout the Syrian Civil War, one of the few constants has been the strengthening of the Kurdish community. Their self-proclaimed autonomy in the north...

Dioncounda Traoré on terrorism and development

Former President of Mali Dioncounda Traoré talks to DOC TV at the 15th Anniversary Rhodes Forum about his vision for combatting terrorism and why...
Do we want to fight against terrorists or terrorism? (Credit: Oleg Zabyelin/Bigstock)

Years of negotiations are better than war

On October 16-20, the DOC Research Institute co-hosted the Global Forum of Young Diplomats, in Sochi, Russia. Held within the framework of the World...