Comprehensive Collective Security

This collection of publications looks at transience of the contemporary world, characterised by the evolution of the multipolar world order, which differs fundamentally from both the now bygone yet long-lived bipolar era and the short interim of the unipolar world.

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Syria: Reconstruction

This proposal, from German-based think tank and military experts, reflects on Syria’s progress to a point of supremacy over the Islamic State and considers who is responsible for rebuilding...

The end of the post-modern dream: Europe and Germany’s return to Realpolitik?

Topics: EAST - WEST | | |
Germany still enjoys a relatively secure place amidst an apparently chaotic environment. This is in spite of the turmoil of shifting constellations of international systemic power and despite being...

Experts on topic

Maya Janik
Maya Janik
Research Associate, DOC Research Institute
Eugene Kim
Eugene Kim
Senior Research Scientist, Center for Korean Studies of the Institute of the Far East

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