Research in the area looks at how technology can provide conditions for sustainable growth and could grant open access to resources, information, and knowledge. But it also looks at how these developments could also significantly impact humanity and alter the very question of what it means to be human and how we engage in dialogue.
big data in china

Big data in China: From myth to political economy

Big data: A contested mythical narrative in a developing country Similar to in other parts of the world, big data entered China as a technical...
newstand africa

China’s media in Africa: Expansion, perception, and reception

Chinese media has increased its footprint in Africa in recent years, which is widely seen as a way for China to extend its ‘soft...
Highlighting the keys to success in the digital era is vital. (Credit: Antoine Robiez/Flickr)

Humanitarian aspects of new information and communication technologies development: Prospects and challenge

‘Humanitarian aspects of new information and communication technologies development: Prospects and challenges’, a jointly organised roundtable, took place on 26 April 2018 at the...
Automation may change the way we work, but will it affect all of us equally? (Credit: bestdesign36/Bigstock)

Will Artificial Intelligence decide over life or death in the near future?

Self-driving vehicles operated by intelligent algorithms, carrying people to their destinations safely and with ease, have long been a desirable innovation. Today, from a...
#FeesMustFall demonstration in Pretoria, South Africa. (Credit: Paul Saad/Flickr)

Digitalisation of the media in Africa: Prospects for change

Global media has become increasingly digitalised in recent years. These processes have had a detrimental impact on the traditional business models of commercial journalism,...
Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party. (Credit: Chatham House/Flickr)

The rise of Corbyn’s Labour party and the eclipse of the Tory media

On 15 February 2018, The Sun led with an exclusive gotcha story. On this Tory tabloid’s front page was the lurid headline: ‘CORBYN AND...

Jens Wendland introduces the DOC Research digitalization project   Jens Wendland introduces the DOC Research digitalization project, which will target the formation of a digital science community as a part of the 2018...
Digitalisation and a Global Dialogue of Civilisations

New DOC research project: The social consequences of digitalisation

The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC-RI) is currently finalising a digitalisation project mission statement formating a DOC – digital science community. This implies...
The A3K3 creates artwork through machine technology. (Credit: Ars Electronica/Flickr)

Technological innovation: The challenges for labour

Amazon’s postal delivery drones. Google’s self-driving cars. Artificial intelligence. Today, the rapid advancement of computer technology, aka the 4th Industrial Revolution, is creating new...
The Googleplex in Mountain View, California. (Credit: Robbie Shade/Flickr)

Political systems as pragmatic cybernetics

It is always difficult for policy to deal with systemic change. But systemic changes should not be seen as threats but as opportunities. Whoever exploits...