East and West: Bridging the postmodern identity gap

East and West: Bridging the postmodern identity gap

Research within this area addresses the question of how cultural and political identities can survive and flourish in the context of globalisation. In particular, it seeks answers for how the commonalities and differences between civilisations and cultures in the East and West can be used to build peace and justice.

A man beyond Europe: Deciphering Donald Trump

Trying to identify the inner logic of the Trump presidency, while at the same time not blaming his incessant antics on some fault of...
North Korea

After the US-North Korea summit: Not all quiet on the nuclear front

While the agreement that Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un reached in Singapore de-escalated the situation between the two countries in the immediate term, it...
Deploying military force will not ease the tensions on the Korean peninsula. (Credit: Wacharaklin/Bigstock)

Prelude to the peace process on the Korean peninsula

On June 12, 2018, a summit took place between the leaders of the DPRK and the US – a summit that few could have...

“We are not aggressive”

The German foreign affairs politician Norbert Röttgen and Putin intimus Vladimir Yakunin discuss the Russian retreat from the European peace order, different mentalities among...

In danger of moral escalation: Hybrid wars and the revival of neutrality

If the recent statements by President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and National Security Advisor John Bolton have one positive effect, it...

All too meteoric: The Korean peace initiative and its failure

It became all too meteoric. First, the North Korean missile test on 27 November 2017, proving in theory, that Pyongyang could nuke Washington, DC...

Scenarios for a Kurdish future: Kurdish areas of Iraq and Syria today and tomorrow

A roundtable titled ‘Scenarios for a Kurdish future: Kurdish areas of Iraq and Syria today and tomorrow’ was organised at the DOC Moscow office...
Museum Island, Berlin. (Credit: rudi1976/Bigstock)

Elements of a road map for European security

Moscow and Berlin continue to sharply disagree on many critical international matters. After the Ukraine crisis, ‘business as usual’ has been impossible and will...
The Treacherous Path: An Insider’s Account of Modern Russia, Yakunin

The Treacherous Path

In 1991, Vladimir Yakunin, a Soviet diplomat and KGB officer, returned from his posting in New York to a country that no longer existed. The...
Automation may change the way we work, but will it affect all of us equally? (Credit: bestdesign36/Bigstock)

Will Artificial Intelligence decide over life or death in the near future?

Self-driving vehicles operated by intelligent algorithms, carrying people to their destinations safely and with ease, have long been a desirable innovation. Today, from a...

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