Life Space for Humanity: Protecting the Humane in Human Beings

Life Space for Humanity: Protecting the Humane in Human Beings

This research area aims to explore how different family systems and structures of different civilisations are related to social cohesion and economic development. Of specific importance are questions of how these systems can create the life space necessary for human flourishing, and how different civilisations can work together to strengthen family and social life.
Cultural Diversity

Culture in the Age of Globalisation

(I) The Dynamics of Cultural Identity in the Global Context For today’s citizen, “globalization” has come to mean an ever more complex system of interdependence...

’Effectiveness’ as a religion: Will statistics supersede the humane?

As humans, we have the most exquisite ability to understand, analyse, and systematise the world around us. Our predisposition to seek patterns is a...
Sunset clouds

Vision and heart do matter: The spirit of freedom and cooperation

Whether coincident or not, the G7 and Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit (SCO) took place almost on the same day in Quebec, Canada and Qingdao,...
dialogue, world cultures, cultural diversity

The world day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development

21 of May has been the world day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development since 2001. Since 2008, the World Public Forum ‘Dialogue...
French populism: The challenge of Islam. (Credit: hadrian/Bigstock)

The importance of being honest: Values delusion or how fake news creates fake history

Had Professor Francis Fukuyama written his book The End of History today, he might instead have chosen the title ‘The End of Diplomacy’. That...
philosophical anthropology

Scientific approaches in the age of anthropological crisis

The modern era has bestowed various titles on cultural, social, and philosophical research: ‘death of the subject’; ‘anthropological catastrophe’; and ‘the end of history’...

Constructing identity in the context of globalisation and the erosion of traditional norms

Research approaches to identity construction Liberal, postmodern thought – identified with the work of Jacques Derrida, among others – denies the individual his or her...
digital technology

Try it! Neural networks for art and a dialogue of cultures

Recent advances in digital technology have undoubtedly changed the art world forever, whether or not those with a more traditional approach approve of these...

Fred Dallmayr comments on the Dialogue of Civilizations idea and the role of Europe   Fred Dallmayr, professor of Philosophy and Political Science at the University of Notre Dame and co-chairman of the WPF-DoC, comments on the Dialogue of...
Nigel Farage speaks at the European Parliament, September 2011 (Credit: European Parliament/Flickr)

Defining populism: The need for a paradigm shift

A report in the Financial Times on President Trump’s inauguration compared populism to President Obama’s first inauguration and declared, “Obama radiated hope. Mr Trump...