Infrastructure as the Backbone of Global Inclusive Development

The objective of this research field is to analyse how the development of infrastructure promotes social and economic justice. Furthermore, it aims to explore how national and international infrastructure projects can reduce inequality and promote both sustainable development and environmental flourishing.
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Civilizations against the threat of social barbarism
East and West: Bridging the postmodern identity gap
Comprehensive Collective Security
Infrastructure as the Backbone of Global Inclusive Development
Life Space for Humanity: Protecting the Humane in Human Beings
Policies, Institutions, and Progress for Global Inclusive Development
Africa-Europe relationships: A multi-stakeholder perspective
Democratic Capitalism
International Politics
Macroeconomic Policies
Political Systems
Reconstructing Hegemonies
Social Policy
Sustainable Development
The Economics of Post-Modernity: When Conventional Models Fail
Inequality and economic models
MENA :Economic and social development
Transition Economies
World Economy
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Experts on topic

Ravi Bhoothalingam
Ravi Bhoothalingam
Distinguished Fellow, The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS)
Andrey Filippov
Andrey Filippov
Chief Program Manager, DOC Research Institute
Dirk Löhr
Dirk Löhr
Professor of Taxation and Ecological Economics at the Trier University of Applied Sciences (Environment-Campus Birkenfeld)
Fred Harrison
Fred Harrison
Research Director of the London-based Land Research Trust
Li Xin
Li Xin
Professor, Director of Institute for Economic Comparative Studies, Director of Dept. of Russian and Central Asian Studies, Shanghai Institute for International Studies
Johan Galtung
Johan Galtung
Professor of Peace Studies, Dr hc mult

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