Scenarios for a Kurdish future: Kurdish areas of Iraq and Syria today and tomorrow


A roundtable titled ‘Scenarios for a Kurdish future: Kurdish areas of Iraq and Syria today and tomorrow’ was organised at the DOC Moscow office on 16 May 2018.

Leading experts on the region gathered to share their expertise and analysis on key regional developments related to Kurdish communities in Iraq and Syria.

In case of the Syrian Kurds, the general opinion was that their role as an American ally in the country is not only a source of US support, but also a cause of serious tensions with their Sunni Arab neighbours, which aggravated relationships over time.

Concerning dynamics in Syria and Iraq, the anti-Iranian trajectory of US foreign policy will be very influential. Particular personalities, i.e., Putin, Trump, and Assad, will also remain a considerable influence.

It was generally concluded that given the complicated character of the multiple crises in the region, it is extremely difficult for responsible analysts to make a detailed forecast of what is in store for the Kurds. The issue demands constant and very diligent research.

The roundtable was a part of a research project on the modern Middle East led by Alexey Malashenko, the DOC’s chief researcher. The Institute’s research associate, Maxim Mikheev, moderated the event.