Together with partners, Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) will introduce a comprehensive policy recommendation, titled ‘The cross-border infrastructure network initiative for sustainable development and regional cooperation’, in the framework of the Think20 (T20) Task Force #2: “Climate Action and Infrastructure for Development” during the T20 Summit in Argentina this September.

On 16-17 September the global community of leading think tanks will meet in Buenos Aires to discuss and refine ideas, visions, and policy recommendations related to the G20 agenda. The resulting recommendations from the Summit will be presented to the world leaders participating in the G20 Summit in Argentina.

The policy recommendation was prepared by the DOC Chairman of the Supervisory Board Vladimir Yakunin, Li Xin of the Shanghai Institute for International Studies, Dimitris Psarrakis of the European Parliament, and Maxim Vilisov of the Moscow think tank Centero. The project was coordinated by Mariano A. Gendra Gigena, Co-Chair of Task Force #2 on behalf of T20 Argentina. The main focus of policy paper is to promote a network of regional and national centres (or hubs) for infrastructure development, coordinated cross-institutionally in order to support national governments, multilateral institutions, businesses, and communities in the field transnational infrastructure.

The reason for such an initiative is the growing importance of cross-border infrastructure in fostering sustainable and inclusive economic growth and regional development. On the one hand, the globalisation of technological advancements and digital transformations provides increasing access to high-end solutions. On the other hand, emerging economies lack the resources to implement such advancements and develop vital infrastructure projects. In such circumstances, the emergence of cross-institutional and cross-border networks that improve regional cohesion and cooperation are critical.

 The task force focuses on a number of core issues:

·         The mitigation of legal and normative uncertainties that impede cross-border infrastructure project development;

·         Enhancing policy coordination between government ministries, state enterprises, infrastructure managers, and financial institutions;

·         Improving awareness of sustainable development and climate protection goals;

·         Maximizing the availability and beneficial use of relevant data and digital content; and

·         Eliminating language and cultural barriers that may negatively influence working practices and lead to distrust, as well as prevent the timely implementation of multilateral projects.

Dr. Vladimir Yakunin has been invited to speak at the roundtable on development infrastructure during the T20 Summit on 16-18 September, hosted by the Think Tank Engagement Group of Argentina´s G20 presidency in Buenos Aires.

The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute, in cooperation with T20 Argentina experts, held a roundtable at DOC headquarters in May 2018, entitled ‘Capacity building for Infrastructure Development in Emerging Economies’. Participants represented five continents (Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Europe), reflecting the spirit of open cooperation and intercultural dialogue. Please click here for more information.

The T20 Summit will bring together leading think tanks, government authorities, representatives from international organisations, and stakeholders from the business community to foster the ongoing dialogue with G20 decision makers. The T20 Communiqué will also be presented to the G20 Argentina Presidency during the Summit. Over 1,000 participants are expected to attend.

Please find here the document with policy recommendations, the release, DOC TV sum up and gallery to the event taken place in May at the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute in Berlin.