Rooted in a tradition of seeking dialogue-based solutions to humankind’s most pressing issues, Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute builds on the World Public Forum Dialogue of Civilizations’ (WPF Dialogue of Civilizations, DOC) legacy and expertise, bringing together global thought leaders from academia, public policy, business, and civil society to debate and develop practice-based policy advice.

Activities include: original research, expert commentary, seminars, round-table debates, and conferences.

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    Macroeconomic policies in countries of the Global South

    Concept note The idea of this project is to analyse what kind of macroeconomic policy is most conducive to growth in developing countries and to investigate whether particular fiscal, monetary, and exchange rate policies have similar effects in developed and [...]
  • Rhodes Forum 2018

    Rhodes Forum 2018: Making Multilateralism Work: Enhancing Dialogue on Peace, Security and Development

    The DOC Research Institute is pleased to announce that its next Dialogue of Civilizations Rhodes Forum will take place on 5-6 October 2018 on the Greek island of Rhodes. The DOC Rhodes Forum 2018 will continue the Rhodes Forum tradition of shining a light [...]
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    Sixth Annual Humanistic Management Conference

    CMR University and DOC RI join hands to organise the 2018 Annual Humanistic Management Conference to further deepen the values of dialogue and reconciliation in today’s fast changing world.  No life will be left untouched by the digital revolution which [...]
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    Geocultural Forum 2018

    Belt and Road Initiative and Greater Eurasian Partnership New Aspects for Intercultural Dialogue   Intercultural dialogue and the promotion of mutual understanding are key elements of multilateral cooperation among nations and cultures across the Eurasian continent, as well as on [...]
  • T20 Summit: Infrastructure for Development Roundtable

    The Think 20 will come together in Buenos Aires on 17 and 18 September to convey its public policy recommendations to the Argentine G20 presidency. On September 17th, Dr Vladimir Yakunin, Chairman of the Dialogue of Civilisations Research Institute, will [...]
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    BRICS Media Systems in a Digital Age

    The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC), together with the Centre for Film and Media Studies will co-host a symposium titled “BRICS Media Systems in a Digital Age” at the University of Cape Town on 6-7 September. The event´s aim is to [...]
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    Hegemonic Strategies

    This will be the second conference co-organized and sponsored by DOC Berlin within the project (Re) Inventing Hegemonies that is structured around the notion of hegemony and its role in shaping the new international system. It will bring together renowned [...]
  • National Reconciliation in Sri Lanka: An Example for Conflict Solution Worldwide

    Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka Tilak Janaka Marapana will give a keynote speech at the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute on 18th July 2018, 19.00 on the topic of “National Reconciliation in Sri Lanka: An Example for Conflict [...]
  • Role of India in Global Order: A lecture by Dr. Jagdish Sheth

    Dr. Jagdish Sheth, Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at Goizveta Business School, Emory University will deliver a lecture on the theme of 'Role of India in Global Order' in Delhi on July 3rd. DOC Research Institute, joined hands with RIS, a government [...]
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    Delhi Policy Dialogue: Information Technology as a Tool for Governance

    Dr. Ruth Kattumuri, founder and co-director, India Observatory Centre at the London School of Economics to speak at Delhi Policy Dialogue of DOC RI on June 22 in New Delhi. Delhi Policy Dialogue (DpD) is a joint initiative of Dialogue [...]


Call for Research Proposals

Research at the DOC By applying the paradigm of Dialogue of Civilization as both theoretical framework and methodology, we identify the most pressing issues we are facing now, and we explore and offer global policy makers and major multi-national corporations practical advice and solutions on six research themes: East and West: Bridging the Postmodern Identity...
Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures

Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures

The major challenge facing education in the 21st century is dealing with some of the inherent tensions that arise in reconciling competing world views with each other. In 2012, WPF Dialogue of Civilizations started developing the Schools of the Dialogue of Cultures international educational project. UNESCO’s Philosophy Department, Philosophy in the Dialogue of Cultures, is...

Possible Futures Scenarios

The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute addresses important global issues through inter-national and cross-cultural dialogue. The Forum deals particularly with major global fault lines: that is, with situations which are, or are likely to become, sources of major political, economic and cultural conflicts in our world. The exploration of alternative global futures is the...



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