Forschung und Veröffentlichungen

Forschung und Veröffentlichungen

Islamic State

The Islamic Caliphate: Undrawn conclusions

The primary and exclusive achievement of Islamist extremism was the emergence of the Islamic State at the beginning of the 21st century, which adopted...

Political misperceptions and their causes: Suggestions for research

The extent of misperceptions of political events and developments is assumed to be largely determined by the rate of press freedom characterising each country...
South America

Immigration and wealth in 19th century South America

It was only with independence from Spain – and Portugal in the case of Brazil – that South American countries were able to open...
western liberalism

Western liberalism and Russian left conservatism in search of international hegemony

The world is entering a new historical phase in which the economic, political, and cultural hegemony of the world shaped by Western liberalism is...
hybrid war

Hegemony, power, and hybrid war

One of the salient features of the contemporary global landscape is that key state actors are seeking novel ways through which to maintain, achieve,...

Will there be order in the world?

It is hard to say how the world order will be reshaped and whether it will result in any order at all. There have...

The Herat Security Dialogue and the situation in Afghanistan

There are several protracted conflicts around the world that have no definitive solution. These include the Arab-Israeli and Nagorno-Karabakh conflicts, as well as the...
new world order

(Re)inventing hegemonies

This short paper proposes a sketch of a fivefold argument that forms the background and structure of the new DOC project ‘(Re) inventing hegemonies’,...

The Istanbul four? What the recent summit in Turkey could mean for Syria

On 27 October, 2018, the leaders of France, Germany, Russia, and Turkey met in Istanbul to discuss the crisis in Syria. In a joint...

With Merkel stepping down, what is the future of conservatism in Germany?

Angela Merkel’s decision to end her political career, apart from sitting out her third term as German Chancellor until 2021, can be compared to...


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