Forschung und Veröffentlichungen

Forschung und Veröffentlichungen


The ‘war of position’ for hegemony in Eurasia

Liberal interregnum The global revolt against liberalism bears the hallmarks of what Antonio Gramsci called ‘interregnum’. First of all, Brexit, Donald Trump, and the support...
Rhodes Forum

The Rhodes Forum – shaping policy through dialogue

Every year, in early autumn, people from diverse walks of life descend on the Greek island of Rhodes. This year's event, held 5-6 October, is...
social media

Social media and hegemonic disruption

What is it that crucially distinguishes the present – the second decade of the 21st century – from the past, the closing decades of...
world politics

Hegemony and its practices in world politics

How can hegemony be established and sustained in world politics today? This intriguing question occupied a searching conversation among scholars from four continents at...
Central Asian countries

Changes in the geographical structure of trade in Central Asia

In the 1980s, six former southern republics of the USSR (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan), like other former Soviet republics, traded very...

The Idlib conundrum

On Friday, 7 September, the Astana Troika summit in Tehran brought together the leaders of Iran, Russia, and Turkey to discuss the current situation...

Cultural, civilisational, and anthropological components of the modern migration crisis

Abstract The authors propose an interdisciplinary approach to analysing the anthropological, cultural, and socioeconomic factors influencing the phenomenon of migration in modern times. An anthropological...

Beyond GDP: Alternative measures of economic and social progress

Dr Vladimir Yakunin opened the roundtable by explaining that in 2009 the World Public Forum was among the first to point out that the...
exchange rate

Macroeconomic policies for inclusive growth in Southern countries

The idea of this project is to analyse what kind of macroeconomic policy is most conducive to growth in developing countries and to investigate...

On the power of improvisation

Hegemony is a form of domination, whether by consent or by force and whether by legitimate or illegitimate forms of power; it is a...


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