Forschung und Veröffentlichungen

Forschung und Veröffentlichungen

Secretary Pompeo participates in the opening plenary of the Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East. (Credit: US Department of State/Flickr)

The Warsaw ministerial on the Middle East: A new dimension of solidarity

On 13-14 February, the ‘Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East’ conference was held in Warsaw at the...
population ageing

Is China following Japan’s demographic footsteps?

China is ageing rapidly, sparking widespread concerns that the country may grow old before it becomes rich (fig. 1). Population ageing has often been...
Fishermen in Al Hodeidah, Yemen in 2006. (Credit: Dmitry Chulov/

Yet another crisis in the Middle East

The announcement that the US will withdraw troops from Syria, made by President Donald Trump before the New Year, once again brought everyone’s attention...

The Venezuelan crisis and geopolitics: What will the outcome be?

The crisis in Venezuela is occupying the headlines and key spaces of the international media. Three headline-grabbing issues are attracting the media’s attention: images...

The Iranian revolution: An anniversary few expected

Forty years ago, a revolution took place in Iran, which the world referred to as the ‘Islamic Revolution’. In some ways, the emergence of...

Coddling capital: Second-generation conditions to attract and retain the super-rich

Executive summary The ‘club’ of the super-rich is increasing worldwide and has the power to change city skylines, prompt legal framework adjustments, and shape the...

China’s growth deceleration: Causes and future growth prospects

China has achieved miraculous growth in the four decades since economic reforms began in 1978, averaging 9.5% in real GDP growth per annum. However,...
World Economic Forum 2019

Revolutionising Davos: A platform for collective intelligence

What is the purpose of Davos? The question lingers, as the latest edition of the World Economic Forum (WEF) ends just over a week...
financial crisis

A recurrence of the 2008-2009 global crisis

The past year, 2018, brought reminders of the global financial crisis, not only through its tenth anniversary but also in material terms. The falls...

Mario López-Roldán: The OECD and ’shaking up globalisation‘

Mario López-Roldán has worked extensively in the field of Euro-Latin American relations and economic development initiatives over the course of his career and is...


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