Building a new reality for the Korean peninsula takes grit, skill, and commitment

Globalization is all about dismantling inherited barriers to interaction. International collaboration within the expert community forms the broader foundations for political cooperation. Xi Jinping’s speech at this year’s Davos Forum stressed how globalization must mean stripping away barriers to economic cooperation. At the...

The importance of being honest: Values delusion or how fake news create fake history

Had Professor Francis Fukuyama written his book The End of History today, he might instead have chosen the title ‘The End of Diplomacy’. That...
Rhodes Forum 2017

15th Annual Rhodes Forum report

The 15th Annual Rhodes Forum took place on the island of Rhodes, Greece from 6-7 October 2017. The Forum gathered approximately 300 participants from...
Remains of the iron curtain in the Czech Republic. (Credit: phbcz/Bigstock)

A new Cold War or can we move from ‘lose-lose’ to ‘win-win’?

Talk of a ‘new Cold War’ once seemed alarmist, but today it is fast becoming rooted in a new reality, a new mentality of...
Appreciating OBOR's normative and subjective dimensions implies a recognition of civilisational identities. (Credit: Inka Andelin/Flickr)

A new match: Dialogue of Civilisations and One Belt, One Road

The One Belt, One Road initiative could enhance material prosperity across the world. But without engaging the shared spiritual resources of the diverse communities...
Contemporary Russia

A treacherous path to understanding contemporary Russia

Despite all the rhetoric, any objective researcher should accept that since the collapse of the USSR, Russia’s leadership in the post-Soviet period, including Vladimir...
Multiplayer conflicts exemplify the need to reimagine diplomatic dialogue. (Credit: arvepino/Bigstock)

Qatar and the GCC: Conflict in perspective

On 5 June 2017, unprecedented sanctions were levied against Qatar by Saudi Arabia and its neighbours, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt. The story is...
Karakoram highway in Xinjiang, China. (Credit: beibaoke/Bigstock)

The opportunities and challenges of migration in the Belt and Road region

A great amount of discussion of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is about the building of a transnational infrastructure network across continents, based...
Deploying military force will not ease the tensions on the Korean peninsula. (Credit: Wacharaklin/Bigstock)

The North Korea nuclear Crisis: Facts, perceptions, and illusions

On 3 September 2017, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, North Korea) conducted its sixth nuclear test. Data collected by the monitoring stations...
Ideological disagreements have been minimised since the Cold War, so what is going wrong in US-Russia relations? (Credit: IgorBukhlin/Bigstock)

Why is the United States so tough on Russia? The answer may be in Lenin’s brochure of 1920

Even before the ‘Russian-hackers-undermine-US-democracy’ campaign, Russian-American relations had degraded to a level not seen since the 1950s. Why? Today the US has fewer ideological...


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