Singapore, February 2017. (Credit: World Image/Bigstock)

Mapping a New World Order, the Rest Beyond the West: A review

Piotr Dutkiewicz, Professor and Director, Centre for Governance and Public Management, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada and moderator of the round-table opened the event by explaining...
dialogue, world cultures, cultural diversity

The world day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development

21 of May has been the world day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development since 2001. Since 2008, the World Public Forum ‘Dialogue...
A country's development of nuclear power is testament to its energy self-sufficiency. (Credit: Nordroden/Bigstock)

Three models of nuclear policy: From protectionism to discrimination

In July 2017, the French company EDF decided to shut down the reactors of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant (NPP) in Alsace. It is...

Multilateralism: the Antidote to Uncertainty

Excellencies, Distinguished Guests, Dear Friends, Let me first tell you how pleased I am to be here with you today, and I would like to...
digital technology

Try it! Neural networks for art and a dialogue of cultures

Recent advances in digital technology have undoubtedly changed the art world forever, whether or not those with a more traditional approach approve of these...
Deploying military force will not ease the tensions on the Korean peninsula. (Credit: Wacharaklin/Bigstock)

The North Korea nuclear Crisis: Facts, perceptions, and illusions

On 3 September 2017, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, North Korea) conducted its sixth nuclear test. Data collected by the monitoring stations...
Ideological disagreements have been minimised since the Cold War, so what is going wrong in US-Russia relations? (Credit: IgorBukhlin/Bigstock)

Why is the United States so tough on Russia? The answer may be in Lenin’s brochure of 1920

Even before the ‘Russian-hackers-undermine-US-democracy’ campaign, Russian-American relations had degraded to a level not seen since the 1950s. Why? Today the US has fewer ideological...
Rhodes Forum 2017

15th Annual Rhodes Forum report

The 15th Annual Rhodes Forum took place on the island of Rhodes, Greece from 6-7 October 2017. The Forum gathered approximately 300 participants from...
Debates at the UN Security Council Summit. Reforms in the sphere of UN peacekeeping: implementation and further steps. (Credit: palinchak/Bigstock)

Rhodes Forum policy recommendations

Based on research conducted by the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute and contributions made by panellists and moderators during the 2017 Rhodes Forum, the...
US hegemony

(Re) constructing hegemonies

The DOC’s new project, ‘(Re) constructing hegemonies’, is conceptualised around four interlocking processes which – we assume – shape the new economic and political...


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