Yakunin: OBOR needs to look for a new cooperation model

The existing methods of global cooperation are not suitable for projects under the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’. Legal systems are too different among countries,...
Good governance is a priority for India's post-2015 development agenda. (Credit: fintastique/Bigstock)

Decoding the co-existence of growth and governance: The case of India

Good governance is at the core of improving economic growth in a country, as it provides a mechanism for linking inclusion, decision making, accountability,...
Tibetan landscape on the road from Saga, Central Tibet. (Credit: pablopicasso/Bigstock)

Integrating Eurasia: Evolving Russian-Indian infrastructure links

The reemergence of grand, ancient world cultures is becoming the hallmark of the twenty-first century. During the 2010s, China and India have outgrown the...
Sustainability is key to inclusive development policies. (Credit: zlikovec/Bigstock)

Applying sustainability in business

The practice of sustainability in India is not without challenges. According to the UNGC-Accenture-GCNI Report on Sustainability, each sector has its own sustainability challenges,...
North Korea

After the US-North Korea summit: Not all quiet on the nuclear front

While the agreement that Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un reached in Singapore de-escalated the situation between the two countries in the immediate term, it...
A country's development of nuclear power is testament to its energy self-sufficiency. (Credit: Nordroden/Bigstock)

Three models of nuclear policy: From protectionism to discrimination

In July 2017, the French company EDF decided to shut down the reactors of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant (NPP) in Alsace. It is...
Bagmane Tech Park in Bangalore, India. (Credit: noppasin wongchum/Bigstock)

Constructing a new global communication order

In the dynamic and digitised 24/7 globalised multi-media age, the one-way vertical flow of media and communication products – from the West to the...
Solar power generated in the Nepalese Himalayas. (Credit: blas/Bigstock)

Lessons from the BRICS: India and China push solar diplomacy

The recent BRICS meeting, coming on the heels of the Dokhlam standoff, brought the Indian prime minister Modi and Chinese president Xi Jinjping together...
Opening plenary session, WTO Ministerial Conference in Argentina. Buenos Aires, December 2017. (Credit: World Trade Organization/Flickr)

Is the WTO relevant for India?

Pressure on less developed countries from an increasingly belligerent US has caused the recent WTO gathering in Buenos Aires to end in an impasse. The...
The days when profit was seen in oppositions to social progress are over. (Credit: carlosphotos/Bigstock)

Business as a force for good: New paradigms, new realities

More than ever before, there seems to be a growing consensus that in order to survive and be successful on a long-term basis, businesses...


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