Multiplayer conflicts exemplify the need to reimagine diplomatic dialogue. (Credit: arvepino/Bigstock)

Qatar and the GCC: Conflict in perspective

On 5 June 2017, unprecedented sanctions were levied against Qatar by Saudi Arabia and its neighbours, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt. The story is...
The Austrian Parliament. (Credit: MikeCphoto/Bigstock)

Austrian legislative elections

Since the United Kingdom’s referendum on whether or not to remain a member of the European Union, most discussions on its consequences have been...

EU-Russian Relations: Common Responsibilities Required

After the US elections, it is very difficult to foresee what kinds of global predictions can be made. Europe and Russia share common interests,...
Automation may change the way we work, but will it affect all of us equally? (Credit: bestdesign36/Bigstock)

Modern feminism and automation: Liberation or persistent gender gap?

Technological progress, for example in the form of automation and robotisation, will have a major impact on gender roles in future. Therefore, a feminist...
Infrastructure is a key component of the Belt and Road initiative. (Credit: World Image/Bigstock)

Multiple perspectives on the Belt and Road initiative

The roundtable “New Models of International Cooperation: Multiple Perspectives on the Belt and Road Initiative (OBOR)” was held at the DOC Research Institute’s HQ...
Cyberwar can be far more dangerous than conventional warfare. (Credit: 4ivers/Bigstock)

Dreadful silent war

When we talk about war, we usually picture exploding bombs, tanks, military aircraft, and thousands of deaths. But when we talk about cyber-war, we...
Unpredictability remains in US-Russia relations. (Credit: pressmaster/Bigstock)

US-Russia reset: Superficial or substantial?

In a seemingly brazen, though on reflection not a very convincing move, outgoing US President Barack Obama surprised the world when, two days before...
Westminster Bridge, London. (Credit: rebelml/Bigstock)

The London attack: What next?

Although it has come to the world as a shock, after attacks in recent years in Nice, Paris, Brussels, and Berlin, for many observers,...

Austria after the Elections: Quiet after the Storm?

The results of the re-vote of the Austrian presidential elections last Sunday come to many as a surprise. A tight race between Alexander Van...
A dry riverbed in Kruger National Park, South Africa. (Credit: Rixie/Bigstock)

Trump’s climate policy: Putting an end to Africa’s fight against global warming?

During his campaign, Trump described climate change as a “hoax” devised by China to secure trade advantages, and threatened to withdraw from the Paris...


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