Germany, quo vadis?

With the German national soccer team falling out of the World Cup’s first round, a streak of luck that lasted for more than two...
The Austrian Parliament. (Credit: MikeCphoto/Bigstock)

Austrian legislative elections

Since the United Kingdom’s referendum on whether or not to remain a member of the European Union, most discussions on its consequences have been...
Westminster Bridge, London. (Credit: rebelml/Bigstock)

The London attack: What next?

Although it has come to the world as a shock, after attacks in recent years in Nice, Paris, Brussels, and Berlin, for many observers,...
Unpredictability remains in US-Russia relations. (Credit: pressmaster/Bigstock)

US-Russia reset: Superficial or substantial?

In a seemingly brazen, though on reflection not a very convincing move, outgoing US President Barack Obama surprised the world when, two days before...

All too meteoric: The Korean peace initiative and its failure

It became all too meteoric. First, the North Korean missile test on 27 November 2017, proving in theory, that Pyongyang could nuke Washington, DC...
The OSCE HQ in Vienna, Austria. (Credit: Elnur/Bigstock)

Austria’s chairmanship of the OSCE

In 2017, two of the smaller European nations are chairing Europe’s major organisations. While Malta took over the presidency of the Council of the...
Uzbek and Tajik migrants in Russia, September 2008. (Credit: Fred. S/Flickr)

The problems of Central Asian migration to Russia

When we consider that over three percent of the world’s population lives outside their country of origin, and almost half of them from less...

Yemen: Still no light at the end of the tunnel

Counted in human lives and suffering, the ‘Golden Victory’ operation seems to be turning out to be truly golden. For many outside observers, Yemen looks...
Tibetan landscape on the road from Saga, Central Tibet. (Credit: pablopicasso/Bigstock)

Integrating Eurasia: Evolving Russian-Indian infrastructure links

The reemergence of grand, ancient world cultures is becoming the hallmark of the twenty-first century. During the 2010s, China and India have outgrown the...
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz at the closing session of the 23rd OSCE Ministerial Council in Germany. Hamburg, December 2016. (Credit: Golden Brown/Bigstock)

Radicalisation, terrorism, and the Austrian OSCE chairmanship

One of the three main themes of the Austrian OSCE Chairmanship – ‘radicalisation and terrorism’ – is currently a major challenge to security, as...


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