Berlin, Germany. (Credit: style-photographs/Bigstock)

Think 20: Collecting insights for the G20 summit

On the threshold of the upcoming G20 summit in Germany, experts from all over the world are going to speak up again. The members...
Westminster Bridge, London. (Credit: rebelml/Bigstock)

The London attack: What next?

Although it has come to the world as a shock, after attacks in recent years in Nice, Paris, Brussels, and Berlin, for many observers,...
Ruined by war. Aleppo, June 2017. (Credit: SebDech/Flickr)

Where are US-Russia relations headed?

Paul Saunders: Let me start with Ukraine. The Trump administration recently approved the sale of certain lethal weapons to the Ukrainian government. You are...
Automation may change the way we work, but will it affect all of us equally? (Credit: bestdesign36/Bigstock)

Modern feminism and automation: Liberation or persistent gender gap?

Technological progress, for example in the form of automation and robotisation, will have a major impact on gender roles in future. Therefore, a feminist...
Protest at the European Commission, February 2016 (Credit: Joel Schalit/Flickr)

Inequality, economic models and the Russian Revolution

Utopian socialists believed that socialism is inevitable because it is a more rational system for organising production and life, a system more in line...
Rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan in August 2013. (Credit: Susan Montgomery/Bigstock)

A game of words: Charlottesville and the return of reality

In a recent opinion piece for the Washington Post, titled "Charlottesville showed that liberalism can’t defeat white supremacy. Only direct action can", N. D....

Trump’s election to the presidency raises lots of questions

Trump’s election to the presidency of the United States demonstrates remarkable similarities to the rise of anti-establishment parties and populist movements in other parts...
Cyberwar can be far more dangerous than conventional warfare. (Credit: 4ivers/Bigstock)

Dreadful silent war

When we talk about war, we usually picture exploding bombs, tanks, military aircraft, and thousands of deaths. But when we talk about cyber-war, we...
The clock is ticking on the divorce of the century. (Credit: melis/Bigstock)

European ‘divorce’: The two-year countdown begins

On 29 April, 2017 twenty-seven leaders of EU member-states –  all except for Great Britain's Prime Minister Teresa May, who will no longer be...
Infrastructure funding in poor countries is desperately needed. (Credit: jpaek/Bigstock)

The BRICS: Building a new international financial order?

From the 3rd until the 5th of September 2017 the 9th BRICS summit took place in Xiamen, China, bringing together the leaders of Brazil,...


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