South America

Immigration and wealth in 19th century South America

It was only with independence from Spain – and Portugal in the case of Brazil – that South American countries were able to open...
western liberalism

Western liberalism and Russian left conservatism in search of international hegemony

The world is entering a new historical phase in which the economic, political, and cultural hegemony of the world shaped by Western liberalism is...
hybrid war

Hegemony, power, and hybrid war

One of the salient features of the contemporary global landscape is that key state actors are seeking novel ways through which to maintain, achieve,...

Will there be order in the world?

It is hard to say how the world order will be reshaped and whether it will result in any order at all. There have...
new world order

(Re)inventing hegemonies

This short paper proposes a sketch of a fivefold argument that forms the background and structure of the new DOC project ‘(Re) inventing hegemonies’,...

Beyond the impasse

The European security system and international relations as a whole are at a deep impasse.1 The clash of world orders has provoked a clash...

Why does an impoverished India produce a globally mobile wealthy class?

This commentary focuses on late industrialisation as a point of entry to explain why India, notwithstanding its multiple institutional challenges with a large impoverished...
real estate

Global forces, local consequences: The role of foreign investment and HNWI money in US real estate markets

In recent years, the United States has witnessed a surge of prices and foreign investment from ‘high net-worth individuals’ (HNWIs) in many local real...
classical developmentalism

The rise of a new developmental macroeconomics for middle-income countries: From classical to new developmentalism

Between the 1940s and the 1960s, classical developmentalism – or development economics – made a major contribution to economics, as it defined economic development...
Yandex Taxi

Self-exploitation or working time autonomy? Yandex Taxi drivers in Moscow

The ride-sharing business is at the forefront of today’s expanding digital economy. Because of the large numbers working in the sector, it is having...


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