Shanghai skyline at night. (Credit: outcast85/Bigstock)

Globalisation in a new form

Jayshree Sengupta discusses the fate of globalisation, contrasting the expansion of global trade from the 1800s to the twentieth century post-War era, with more...
The Trans-Anatolian Pipeline represents a crucial element of Turkey's energy bridge between the Caspian region and Europe. (Credit: crowbot/Flickr)

The Southern Gas Corridor: History and reality

The idea of natural gas deliveries from the Caspian Sea region first emerged in the beginning of 1991 right after collapse of the Soviet...

The Sovereign Project: Old and New Challenges for the Peoples of Asia, Africa, and Latin America

This paper argues that a national sovereign project implies consistent policies aimed at: 1) constructing an integrated, auto-centred industrial system; 2) reviving peasant agriculture;...
Collective rights should be reconceptualised. (Credit:

Collective rights as a potential source for peace, harmony, and well-being in the global community

This Expert Comment explores how collective rights, peace, harmony, and global well-being require international political commitments to create the necessary conditions to humanise social structures...
Vila Da Canpas in the Amazon region of Brazil near Manaus. (Credit: World Bank photo collection/Flickr)

The two forms of capitalism: Developmentalism and economic liberalism

Capitalist societies will be either developmental or liberal depending on the way they deploy their major institutions, namely the state and the market. Economic liberalism...
The A3K3 creates artwork through machine technology. (Credit: Ars Electronica/Flickr)

Technological innovation: The challenges for labour

Amazon’s postal delivery drones. Google’s self-driving cars. Artificial intelligence. Today, the rapid advancement of computer technology, aka the 4th Industrial Revolution, is creating new...
Recycling for a living in South Africa. (Credit: Jan Truter/Flickr)

Towards an inclusive world: Reformulating public policies

The opportunity to redesign the foundations of social systems rarely arises. The zeitgeist does not encourage systemic changes that threaten the status quo. Furthermore,...
Bagmane Tech Park in Bangalore, India. (Credit: noppasin wongchum/Bigstock)

Constructing a new global communication order

In the dynamic and digitised 24/7 globalised multi-media age, the one-way vertical flow of media and communication products – from the West to the...
Campaigners outside the UK treasury highlight the destructive impact of tax havens. (Credit: Enough Food IF/Flickr)

Wealth mobility: Implications for inequality

In recent decades, economic globalisation has led to an increased mobility of financial assets and wealthy individuals across national boundaries. At the same time, income...
The Googleplex in Mountain View, California. (Credit: Robbie Shade/Flickr)

Political systems as pragmatic cybernetics

It is always difficult for policy to deal with systemic change. But systemic changes should not be seen as threats but as opportunities. Whoever exploits...


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