Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi clash with security forces in Cairo, August 2013. (Credit: Diariocritico de Venezuela/Flickr)

Institutional failure: The quest for Egyptian stability

The collapse of the Egyptian state was a real possibility following the removal of Hosni Mubarak from power, the dissolution of the National Democratic...
Recycling for a living in South Africa. (Credit: Jan Truter/Flickr)

Towards an inclusive world: Reformulating public policies

The opportunity to redesign the foundations of social systems rarely arises. The zeitgeist does not encourage systemic changes that threaten the status quo. Furthermore,...

East or West, Home Is Best: A Home for All

This Expert Comment explores the idea of ‘home’ as a form of political community that has international resonance, but need not be a sovereign...
Itami international airport. (Credit: motive56/Bigstock)

Does Russia need an inflow of foreign capital?

With the exception of only two years – 2006-07, when oil prices were at their highest – capital has been flowing out from Russia...

Fairy Tales and Globalisation: Bringing Up the Young in the Values and Virtues of Great Civilisations

Yakov Rabkin's Expert Comment examines the ways globalisation affects children’s values, self-images, and worldviews through targeted marketing. Covering everything from traditional fairy tales to...
Activists demonstrate against free trade agreements between the EU and the US in Bulgaria. Sofia, October 2016. (Credit: Belish/Bigstock)

Glocalism: Beyond nationalism and internationalism

What does the term ‘glocalism’ mean? Obviously, it is composed of two words, localism and globalism. But one should note how the words are...
Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi speaks on ending extreme poverty at the 2014 Global Citizen Festival in New York City. (Credit: Debby Wong/Bigstock)

Policy alternatives for reducing inequality

Over the last three decades, pro-growth neoliberal policies have been followed by many developing countries as part of structural adjustment programmes, at the behest...
Jean-Claude Juncker, Xi Jinping, and Donald Tusk, at the 18th EU-China Summit in Beijing. July, 2016. (Credit: European External Action Service/Flickr)

Eurasia’s reconnection: Implications for Europe and Germany

Since the end of the Soviet Union, different initiatives have been proposed to revitalise the ancient Silk Road and to reactivate transcontinental trade. However, plans...
Fishing for coal in the Himalayan foothills of Assam, India. (Credit: T@R/Flickr)

Comprehensive development

A holistic understanding of development presumes the factual possibility of an actor ensuring the accumulation of both material wealth and non-material advantages. The former...
A Dialogical Perspective: Humanity, Subjectivity, and Co-Humanity

A dialogical perspective: Humanity, subjectivity, and co-humanity

The world needs to work together to face many profound challenges, ranging from economic and political spheres and extending far beyond. At the root...


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