Itami international airport. (Credit: motive56/Bigstock)

Does Russia need an inflow of foreign capital?

With the exception of only two years – 2006-07, when oil prices were at their highest – capital has been flowing out from Russia...
The Mediterranean sea. (Credit: castenoid/Bigstock)

Maintaining public trust in the governance of migration

As governments around the world face increasingly complex migration challenges, the difference between success and failure can often hinge on the ability of policymakers...
Bagmane Tech Park in Bangalore, India. (Credit: noppasin wongchum/Bigstock)

Constructing a new global communication order

In the dynamic and digitised 24/7 globalised multi-media age, the one-way vertical flow of media and communication products – from the West to the...
Global internet connectivity. (Credit: Max776/Bigstock)

Aspects of global media ethics: Protonorms and listening

The growing internationalisation of the field of media studies, the globalisation of the media and communication industries, as well as major geopolitical shifts that...
Xi'an city wall, China. (Credit: chuyu/Bigstock)

Dreams for the world, ‚made in China‘

Establishing a deeper understanding of the One Belt, One Road initiative than is often employed by the international community, Maxim Mikhalev uses influential Chinese...
Maple forest in Ontario, Canada. (Credit: PavelS/Bigstock)

Humanizing humanity: For a post-secular humanism

Even today, with the numerous advancements that humankind has made, a unanimous understanding of “humanity” eludes us. Drawing from the concepts of renowned philosophers...
We can't just walk away from inequality. (Credit: erllre/Bigstock)

Income inequalities in perspective

Income and wealth inequalities in most countries – in the West, the former communist economies, and in the developing world – have been on...
Education should not be limited by national culture. (Credit: casezy/Bigstock)

Cultural identity as a factor in global disorder: The need for education

“The era of globalization calls for adjustments in the field of education that meet the demands of the times. Education can no longer be...
Shanghai skyline at night. (Credit: outcast85/Bigstock)

Globalisation in a new form

Jayshree Sengupta discusses the fate of globalisation, contrasting the expansion of global trade from the 1800s to the twentieth century post-War era, with more...
The Great Mosque of Córdoba/the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. (Credit: SeanPavonePhoto/Bigstock)

What is pluralism? Brief analytical and historical reflections

Akeel Bilgrami reflects on the underlying nature of pluralism, distinguishing it from liberalism and cultural relativism, and looking at its historical relationships to nationalism,...


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