Infrastruktur als Rückgrat inklusiver globaler Entwicklung

Infrastruktur als Rückgrat inklusiver globaler Entwicklung

Deploying military force will not ease the tensions on the Korean peninsula. (Credit: Wacharaklin/Bigstock)

Building a new reality for the Korean peninsula takes grit, skill, and commitment

Globalization is all about dismantling inherited barriers to interaction. International collaboration within the expert community forms the broader foundations for political cooperation. Xi Jinping’s speech at this year’s Davos Forum stressed how globalization must mean stripping away barriers to economic cooperation. At the...
The One Belt, One Road initiative: On the way to a multipolar world order. (Credit: Lyn Gateley/Flickr)

The Silk Order: A philosophical perspective

The most significant phenomenon in the world around the turn of the new millennium is arguably the rise of China. Along with its fast...

A fluid equilibrium to replace the nation state: Jacopo Maria Pepe on Eurasian geopolitics

Berlin – It was an inspiring glance into the future of the 21st century that the political scientist and Eurasia specialist, Jacopo Maria Pepe,...
Appreciating OBOR's normative and subjective dimensions implies a recognition of civilisational identities. (Credit: Inka Andelin/Flickr)

A new match: Dialogue of Civilisations and One Belt, One Road

The One Belt, One Road initiative could enhance material prosperity across the world. But without engaging the shared spiritual resources of the diverse communities...
Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, June 2016. (Credit: Screenshot courtesy of China Daily News/Youtube)

Eurasian partnership: A new balance of power?

In June 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a joint statement with Chinese President Xi Jinping, declaring the goal of “a comprehensive partnership between...
Jean-Claude Juncker, Xi Jinping, and Donald Tusk, at the 18th EU-China Summit in Beijing. July, 2016. (Credit: European External Action Service/Flickr)

Eurasia’s reconnection: Implications for Europe and Germany

Since the end of the Soviet Union, different initiatives have been proposed to revitalise the ancient Silk Road and to reactivate transcontinental trade. However, plans...
The main domestic issues for Azerbaijan — often labelled a 'post-Soviet rentier state'— are corruption, nepotism, and the curse of the petro-states. (Credit: Marco Fieber/Flickr)

European energy security: Challenges in diversifying and decarbonising

European energy supply security has long been a geopolitical and geo-economic issue and has become a key concern for the EU. Over the last...
Friendship Bridge, Macau (Credit: ti_to_tito/Bigstock)

New media for a dialogue of civilisations

China proposed the Belt and Road Initiative to not only provide a new international development framework focused on enhanced cooperation between China and Eurasia,...
Skyline of downtown Beijing (Credit: Baiterek_Media/Bigstock)v

Fostering global civilisational cooperation

A delegation from the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute, led by chairman and co-founder Dr Vladimir Yakunin, recently traveled to Beijing to give a...
Qingxiu District, Nanning, capital of Guangxi province, China (Credit: Creative Family/Bigstock)

Renting the Silk Road

To achieve optimum levels of efficiency, complex societies need the support of efficient hierarchies of decision-making. People in the formative phases of the first civilisations...


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