Nach dem Ende der Moderne: Wenn herkömmliche Wirtschaftsmodelle scheitern

Nach dem Ende der Moderne: Wenn herkömmliche Wirtschaftsmodelle scheitern


Failure of economics? Or the failure of (some) economists?

It is widely known that economists failed to predict the Great Recession of 2008-09. It is less widely known that economists can never predict...

Why do some countries have more billionaires than others?

 This paper will also appear as an Investment Migration Council (IMC) Working Paper The Forbes magazine annual list of billionaires and their wealth provides enough...

Measuring the progress of societies: Alternatives to GDP 

During the 1990s under the Washington Consensus, ways of measuring different dimensions of society began to be reviewed: poverty (with multiple methodologies), inequality (with...

Rethinking public ownership of capital: A new progressive view

For a long time, the post-war era in the Western world seemed to confirm the optimistic view of reformers that inclusive institutions could be...
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China’s media in Africa: Expansion, perception, and reception

Chinese media has increased its footprint in Africa in recent years, which is widely seen as a way for China to extend its ‘soft...

Paradoxes of happiness

There is evidence that income and wealth inequalities are positively associated with happiness, as measured by the happiness index, and negatively associated with suicide...

Social inequality in the evolution of human societies

This report might seem unusual in historical scope and daring in its arguments. The hope is to provoke a reasoned discussion about our world...
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Re-industrialisation in the US; de-globalisation in China?

The United States was once a country renowned for its manufacturing capabilities but it experienced a decline in its manufacturing sector after 1980. A...
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Mortality and life expectancy in post-communist countries

The transition to the market economy and democracy in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union countries in the 1990s caused a dramatic increase in...

A human-oriented approach to the measurement of economic performance and social progress

The setting of development goals at both global and local levels, as well as their practical monitoring and evaluation, is once again in the...

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