Possible Futures Scenarios


    The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute addresses important global issues through inter-national and cross-cultural dialogue. The Forum deals particularly with major global fault lines: that is, with situations which are, or are likely to become, sources of major political, economic and cultural conflicts in our world. The exploration of alternative global futures is the main purpose of the discussions in Rhodes.

    In 2011, WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations” published a series of books as part of the “Possible Scenarios of the Future” expert editorial project (Business as Usual, Deepening Crisis and Consequences: New Global Economic Conditions). These editions reveal the key “big ideas” that can explain the global changes in the political economy, social structure, ethics and international law from a humanistic standpoint.

    The latest book as part of the project, “22 Ideas to Fix the World: Conversations with the World’s Foremost Thinkers”, was released in September 2013. In this book the best minds of our day reflect on how the so-called Great Recession will influence the traditional understanding of how countries can and should function. With the help of expert interviews that turn into lively discussions, the book analyzes the geopolitical events of the past and offers forecasts for the future.