Berlin 01.03.2018 – The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute announces that registration is now open for the Rhodes Forum 2018, which is titled “Making Multilateralism Work: Enhancing Dialogue on peace, security, and development”. The event will be held on 5-6 October on the Greek island of Rhodes.
Current and former heads of state and government will join world-renowned experts, businesspeople, researchers, and civil society representatives at the Rodos Palace Hotel to discuss the pressing problems that face us, develop solutions, and identify emerging trends. A current programme can be found here.
This year’s panels, including the opening panel, will include Joschka Fischer (German vice-chancellor, foreign affairs Minister 1998-2005) and Essam Abdel-Aziz Sharaf (prime minister of Egypt, 2011), Dominique de Villepin, French prime minister (2005-2007), a renowned Chinese economist Prof.Justin Lin Yifu, Director of the Centre for New Structural Economics (CNSE) at Peking University.
Held since 2003, the Rhodes Forum has made its name as a premier destination for globally renowned academics and policy-makers to come to share insights into the problems we face and work together to find solutions to them.
This year’s panel discussions cover relevant issues such as foreign actors in the Middle East, the Euro-Atlantic security architecture, economic inequality and democracy, digitalisation and the cultivation of humanity.
The conference will also host two high-level events: The Leaders Club Meeting on Infrastructure Development in Emerging Economies and the Summit on Africa, on Engaging Africa in Dialogue: Towards a Harmonious Development of the Continent. For further information and updates on this year’s Forum, please see .
Registration is now open and demand is expected to be high.There are a diverse range of registration packages available: the student conference fee is 54 Euros, and the full access fee is 318 Euros, which includes access to all panels, supplementary events, and dinners. This year, the organising committee will offer a sightseeing program for the delegates.
First convened in 2003, the Dialogue of Civilizations Rhodes Forum brings together concerned members of the international political, business, civil society and academic communities in a spirit of dialogue and inclusivity. Every year, hundreds of participants from more than 70 countries explore the major challenges facing the world and seek concrete, applicable solutions rooted in shared values of equality, mutual respect and compassion.
The Dialogue of Civilizations is an independent research institute whose mission is to promote mutual understanding, inclusive development and equitable dialogue. It seeks to develop policy proposals based on scientific research that address key challenges faced by the international community, from infrastructure underdevelopment and economic inequality to civilisation and religious tensions and conflicts.
For more information on how to participate or attend, contact: