Business as a Force for Good: New Paradigms, New Realities

More than ever before, there seems to be a growing consensus that in order to survive and be successful on a long-term basis, businesses...
Qatar and the Gulf

Qatar and the GCC: Conflict in Perspective

On 5 June 2017, unprecedented sanctions were levied against Qatar by Saudi Arabia and its neighbours, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt. The story is...

Rojava’s Complicated Environment

Western Kurdistan is a territory in the north of Syria, often simply called Rojava (which means “the West” in Kurdish). Recently, Rojava has been...

The World after 2016: Imagining Possible Futures

Whilst looking at how global post-2016 realities beget the need for a new, human-oriented development paradigm, Vladimir Yakunin incorporates concepts of unity in diversity,...
Income Inequalities

Income Inequalities in Perspective

Income and wealth inequalities in most countries – in the West, the former communist economies and in the developing world –have been on the...

Cultural Identity as a Factor in Global Disorder: The Need for Education

“The era of globalization calls for adjustments in the field of education that meet the demands of the times. Education can no longer be...

Corporate Social Responsibility: The Impact of Business on Society

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) in India is now being gauged through a new lens – public private partnership (PPP). Since the government introduced the...

Globalisation in a New Form

Jayshree Sengupta discusses the fate of globalisation, contrasting the expansion of global trade from the 1800s to the twentieth century post-War era, with more...
G20 Countries On World Map

The Time is Now: Building a New Paradigm for Global Transformation

It is beyond any doubt that the realities surrounding us today significantly differ from the world we have known for the past couple of...

Die Weltenlenkerin: Angela Merkel – mächtiger als jemals zuvor?

Der zivilgesellschaftliche Dialog mit Russland gewinnt an Bedeutung: in Sotschi haben Merkel und Putin die Wichtigkeit des Petersburger Dialogs bereits unterstrichen. Der neue französische...