As a think tank, the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute strives to produce high-quality research with an impact on public policy and international business. The key objective of the DOC Research Institute is to publish leading papers relevant to various spheres of scientific and public interest.

To achieve this goal, we are launching an E-Library to collect, house, and disseminate the past, present, and future publications of the DOC.

The historic publications of the World Public Forum will be available in an open access archive. Current DOC Expert Comments and Special Reports will also be available via the E-Library, with some publications open access and others available to DOC members or for a small fee.

The E-Library offers an attractive and intuitive interface that is simple and robust. Additional developments will include the use of DOIs to uniquely identify publications and simplify citation, various additional search functions, use of EPUB and other formats, and links to share publications via social media.

You can reach the E-Library here: