December 5, Paris – President of the DOC Research Institute’s Supervisory Board Dr Vladimir Yakunin, addressed an international gathering of diplomats, journalists and businesspeople during a conference on relations between Russia and the West, organised under the auspices of the European American Chamber of Commerce’s European American Press Club.

During his talk and the question and answer session that followed, Vladimir Yakunin touched on issues pertaining to fundamental human values and the role these values play in international politics, as well as a subject of particular interest to the European diplomats in attendance – relations between Russia and the West and opportunities for conflict resolution.

In his consideration of current events, Vladimir Yakunin noted that many of the conflicts we see today are rooted in the political establishment’s inability or unwillingness to really listen to their opposing sides’ arguments, while the media itself has become a tool used by key players to impact the political agenda. Representatives of European media outlets present showed a keen interest in maintaining contact with DOC RI and its research activities.