Timing: 16:00 - 18:00

Lecture by Agnes Tuna ‘Intercultural Dialogue: Only a Means, Not an End in Itself’

Expert of international relations in the fields of intercultural and interreligious dialogue
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In view of the manifold crises that the Euro-Mediterranean region currently faces, especially on issues related to migration and integration, this lecture critically engages the practice of intercultural and interreligious dialogue (ICD) on both sides of the Mediterranean. The lecture will argue that the proclamation of more ICD does not make any difference per se. Rather, it is a means, a method, not an end in itself. When ICD does not tackle concrete topics, with clear objectives and a method that goes beyond moderating workshops, it can become counterproductive. By simply increasing the provision for and quantity of ICD, as is nowadays demanded by many political and non-political actors as a universal remedy, without really clarifying what it sets out to achieve, any effort in building mutual understanding is condemned to fail. When ICD is applied purely as a harmonisation tool that does not aim to effect self-reflection, ICD does not make any difference and might even solidify existing stereotypes and prejudices against Islam and the Arab world, but also against the West.

The lecture will take place at the DOC Offices in Berlin on 01 June , at 16:00.

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Expert of International Relations
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