Lecture by Ambassador Dr. Wendelin Ettmayer: “The Diplomatic Revolution in Europe: Repercussions for Transatlantic Relations”

Oesterreichischer Botschafter beim Europarat Wendelin Ettmayer

In his lecture, Ambassador Dr. Wendelin Ettmayer will give an account of the development of the European integration process in the field of foreign policy, including its successes and shortcomings. In particular, Ambassador Ettmayer will elaborate on how the objective of diplomacy in Europe changed from maintaining the balance of power, to safeguarding peace and security through cooperation and integration. Against this background, he will discuss the implications of the European project for transatlantic relations.

The lecture will take place at the DOC Offices in Berlin on 31st March 2017, at 10 a.m.

Attendance is by registration only.

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Berlin, Germany

Französische Straße 23

Registration is free of charge