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Lecture by Bassam Tibi on “Cultural Particularism and Value-Conflicts among Civilizations”

Bassam Tibi, German political scientist and Professor of International Relations of Syrian heritage, Frank A. Meyer, Swiss publicist, at the recording of the interview broadcast VIS-A-VIS for Swiss TV station 3sat, at cineplus studio Berlin Mitte, 18-06-2016
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Though all humans are equals, they are nonetheless shaped by different socialization patterns in a particular civilizational setup determined by an equally particular value system. It follows that structural globalization simultaneously takes place along a cultural fragmentation of peoples of diverse civilizations. Humans are separated by intercultural value systems, that generate value conflicts.
In his lecture, Prof. Tibi will argue for a dialogue among civilizations as a means of conflict resolution in the search for shared basic values that underpin a peaceful order of the world.

The lecture will take place at the DOC Offices in Berlin on 11 May, at 18:00.

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Professor emeritus of International Relations at the University of Göttingen
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Berlin, Germany

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