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Methods of Recruitment into ISIS

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Issues to be discussed at the round-table on “Methods of Recruitment into ISIS”

The round-table will conduct a comparative analysis of how recruitment of Muslims to the Islamic State is implemented, including commonalities and differences in different countries and regions. The following issues will be studied:

– the major contingent of recruitment, which shows the average profile of a potential “militant” in terms of age, social environment, marital status, and education;

– the recruitment of women;

– the motivation and goals of those joining the Islamic State;

– methods of recruitment;

– the duration of activity within the IS, and reasons for leaving the IS;

– the activities of former militants after returning to their homelands.

Additionally, the issue of societal, religious, and security structures’ actions to prevent recruitment to the IS will be discussed.

Key Speakers include:

Alexey Starostin, Deputy Chair of the Theology Department and the Dean of the Russian Language Testing Center for Foreigners at the Ural State Mining University (Yekaterinburg).
Kadyr Malikov, Director of the Religion, Law, and Politics Analytical Center, Kyrgyzstan
Arkady Dubnov, Political analyst with Moskovskie Novosti newspaper
Khalid Abalhassan, Head of Conflict Resolution UnitCenter of Information & Arabian-Russian Studies (CIARS) Riyadh Office, Saudi Arabia
Alexey Malashenko, Chief Researcher, DOC Research Institute
The round – table will take place at the DOC Offices in Berlin on 12th May 2017, from 10:00- 17:00.
Admission is only possible upon prior registration.
For more information please contact us:
event@doc-research.org or by phone: (030) 2096 7790-0.


Deputy Chair of the Theology Department and the Dean of the Russian


Director of "Religion, Law and Politics" independent analytical research center

Dr. KhalidAbalhassan

Head of Conflict Resolution Unit, Center of Information and Arabian-Russian Studies (CIARS), Riyadh Office, Saudi Arabia
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Berlin, Germany

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Attendance is by prior registration only.

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