Timing: 18:30 - 20:30

Lecture by Bassam Tibi on “Cultural Particularism and Value-Conflicts among Civilizations”

Bassam Tibi
Bassam Tibi, German political scientist and Professor of International Relations of Syrian heritage, Frank A. Meyer, Swiss publicist, at the recording of the interview broadcast VIS-A-VIS for Swiss TV station 3sat, at cineplus studio Berlin Mitte, 18-06-2016

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Though all humans are equals, they are nonetheless shaped by different socialization patterns in a particular civilizational setup determined by an equally particular value system. It follows that structural globalization simultaneously takes place along a cultural fragmentation of peoples of diverse civilizations. Humans are separated by intercultural value systems, that generate value conflicts.
In his lecture, Prof. Tibi will argue for a dialogue among civilizations as a means of conflict resolution in the search for shared basic values that underpin a peaceful order of the world.

The lecture will take place at the DOC Offices in Berlin on 11 May, at 18:30.

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Bassam Tibi


Professor emeritus of International Relations at the University of Göttingen
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Berlin, Germany

Französische Strasse 23

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