CORE Europe and/or Greater Eurasia - Options for the Future: The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC) hosts its first conference in Berlin

1 December 2016, Berlin – The DOC Research Institute is today bringing experts together to discuss practical steps for a road map to achieve a peaceful Europe for a one day conference that will see over 60 experts analyze ideas and debate concepts that Europe could use to chart a way out of the current crisis.

The event is a response to the current situation on the continent, where regional issues and external actors combine to pose a constant risk of dangerous escalation. Practical steps that can be consolidated will be outlined at the conference, with the focus being on achieving a peaceful and cooperative Europe.

In addition to the two DOC Co-Founders, Walter Schwimmer (DOC Co-Founder; Former Secretary-General of the Council of Europe (1999-2004) and Peter W. Schulze, Honorary Professor of Political Sciences, Georg August University Göttingen, other key speakers include Klaus Wittmann (Brigadier General ret., Senior Fellow at the Aspen Institute Germany, Berlin), Raffaele Marchetti, Professor of International Relations LUISS University, and Vasily Fedortsev, Head of the Baltic Regional Information and Analytical Center, Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (Kaliningrad), who will present their ideas for dialogue on the European Continent.

DOC Co-Founder Walter Schwimmer says: “Europe is still a peace project. Europe remains attractive because it is prosperous. But there are unsolved problems: there is a need to do better.”

The event is structured around the three main themes:

  • A comprehensive peace in Europe: Myths, narratives, mistakes and perspectives.
  • Europe in a globalised environment: Threats of terrorism, migration, and border conflicts and the need for security assurances.
  • From Greater Europe to Greater Eurasia: Science, transport, trade, and infrastructure as means of connecting the continent.