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Surreal Economics and the Language of Mind Control

Fred Harrison

How is the financial crisis of 2008 linked to the election results of 2016?  How can economic reform address this systemic malaise?  How can people be empowered to determine their own futures?  Fred Harrison’s paper addresses issues of land and property cycles, capital formation, land rents, and VAT, as well as migration and the rise of Donald Trump. Harrison argues that two new statistics are needed to enhance the accountability of policy-makers and provide transparency in the administration of the public’s finances. The  course of the current contest over the control of power, says Harrison, will depend on access to this information.


The Infrastructure of Civilisation: Public Goods, Private Rents, and the Existential Dilemma

Fred Harrison

Fred Harrison’s Expert Comments tackles the issue of sustainable funding for infrastructure. Analyzing the history of the Roman Empire, he suggests that Europe is now facing similar existential threats that might point to the decline of modern civilization. But he offers us hope: land rents can be used to fund public services. This shift will require governments to take stock of land values, to assess rents, and to use this information as the basis of tax reform for the sake of the well-being of all citizens.