About Forum

The Rhodes Forum has convened each year since 2002, gathering between 300 and 600 participants annually from over 70 countries. Throughout its history, its hallmark has been the pioneering spirit, inclusiveness, and moral resilience of its participants in their work to tackle the problems we face.

The forum reflects on key issues on the international agenda. Participants share their views regarding some of our most pressing problems, and propose potential solutions directly to political decision-makers. The Rhodes Forum supports and enhances the international community´s broader efforts to contribute to inclusive and sustainable global development.

Key guests and speakers include acting and former presidents and senior officials, members of the international academic community and business elite, representatives of international non-governmental organisations, diplomats, experts from various fields, and the media.

This year’s Rhodes Forum will comprise overarching themes through which participants will explore social, economic, and political issues. In addition, two focal events will be the Summit on Globalisation and the Future of Democracy, and the Summit on Global Infrastructure Development Scenarios: Where the Interests of Banks, Industries, Governments, and Societies Meet, in which thought leaders from civil society, politics, and the business community will come together to discuss concepts, problems, and solutions to key questions.


The Rhodes Forum has consistently sought to promote a new culture of dialogue that is so desperately needed. The Forum always seeks to reflect key issues on the international agenda. Forum participants share their views on current events, and address ideas for possible solutions to some of our most pressing problems to both decision-makers and to society in general. This part of the international community’s broader efforts to protect the key values of humanity and to contribute to sustainable global development.

Today we face multiple global challenges: wars continue, disputes escalate into conflict, terrorism threatens our security, and echoes of the Cold War risk undermining our efforts to work together.

These factors contribute to the rising number of displaced persons worldwide – already nearing critical levels. Recipient countries and regions are under intense pressure, and many are also struggling to emerge from their own economic crises.

The international community seems unable to find adequate answers to these pressing global challenges. New crises, conflicts, and threats will continue to emerge. A genuine dialogue between civilisations is vital in order to mediate these emerging conflicts and alleviate rising tensions.

The 2017 Rhodes Forum “Multipolarity and Dialogue in Regional and Global Developments: Imagining Possible Futures” will provide a platform for prominent business people, policy-makers, and scholars to engage in wide-ranging debate on these and related issues. Please click here for the current programme.

Forum participants will propose and discuss solutions to the problems we face. One key issue will be how to incorporate core values like solidarity, equality, and compassion into inter-civilisational relations, with the ultimate aim of creating a better world.