Chasing the Tiger: Economic Models of the Global South

09:15 – 10:30
October 12

The implications of China’s economic rise are multifaceted. We are already witnessing geopolitical shifts. China is a rising superpower challenging the US and its rise has an impact on the global governance architecture. China creates, or co-creates, new institutions – the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, BRICS Bank – and strives for even stronger influence within the United Nations and its programmes and affiliated organisations. The Diplomat asked whether China would be recreating the American ‘Hub-and-Spoke’ System in Asia and elsewhere, but with Chinese characteristics? With regard to economic competition, we are witnessing conflicts over technology, investments and an alleged emerging shortage of resources that might be leading to an increase in raw material prices, etc. There may be less expected and more far reaching consequences as well.

Among the questions to be addressed:

  • Is China’s rise seen as an opportunity or a threat, or perhaps both, by other developing countries?
  • What are the special features of the East Asian/Chinese growth model?
  • Is the growth model of India similar to the East Asian model?
  • Can the East Asian growth model be replicated by other developing countries?