Plenary Session: Special Focus on Africa: Towards new Partnership for Africa

14:00 – 15:30
October 12

Africa is seen as a continent of hope and opportunity. Yet, in the past decades, the development trajectories of many African countries have not met the expectations of the African people. With one-third of the world’s mineral and energy reserves, more than half of the arable land available, a quarter of the global population in 2050, and with an average age of 19, the African continent is expected by many to become the next hub of global economic growth. At the heart of the dynamics that shape today’s world: the environment, development, peace, security – the continent that has long undergone development models imposed by the West, is today looking for endogenous solutions.

Among the questions to be addressed:

  • Can the African thought be translated into the realities of public governance and can it inspire other civilisations?
  • What actors are set to lead Africa’s renewal?
  • What will be the relevance of development aid and cooperation for future economic growth and good governance in Africa?
  • Where in Africa are models of sustainable development implemented that could be scaled-up and replicated?