Towards new Partnership for Africa

14:15– 16:00
October 12

Africa is a rich continent where hope meets opportunity. With one-third of the world’s mineral and energy reserves, more than half of the available arable land, and a rapidly rising population, which will represent a quarter of the global population by 2050, Africa is expected to become the next hub of global economic growth. At the heart of the dynamics that shape today’s world:- environment, development, peace, security – the continent which has long practiced development models imposed by the West is today looking for endogenous solutions.

Among the questions to be addressed:

  • Can the continent design a new development model that enhances the links between economy, ecology, culture and spirituality? And can it inspire the Western world?
  • How can the continent realize its potential and strike a balance between accelerated growth and sustainability?
  • What will be the relevance of development aid and cooperation for future economic growth and good governance in Africa?
  • What are examples of sustainable development practices in Africa that could be scaled-up and replicated?