16:15 – 17:30
October 12

The integration of Eurasian and European economies seems inevitable. With the rapid economic
expansion of China and India, but also some Eurasian nations, there is a growing demand to improve
connections between Europe and Asia. The current status quo of the rising world in the East provides an opportunity for Eurasian countries to emerge as a hub for finance, goods, and services, which makes
them a valuable trade partner for Europe.
Consequently, many businesses on both sides voice support for closer cooperation of the EU and EEU, with
a view to creating a Common Economic Space between the two regions. They encourage the political
actors in all countries of the EU and the EEU to give the European Commission and the Eurasian
Economic Commission respectively the mandate to start an official dialogue on the harmonization of

Among the questions to be addressed:

  • Would the harmonization of standards and increased ease of doing business improve the competitiveness of both Europe and Eurasia?
  • Would a common economic space among two regions with rather different resources lead to equal growth and prosperity?
  • What is the role of common infrastructure? What investments are necessary to build it?
  • Would a free trade zone generate benefits beyond economic growth, i.e. political, juridical and societal?