Andrey Beliyaninov
Andrey Beliyaninov (TBC)

Born on July 14, 1957, in Moscow (USSR). In 1978, he graduated from Moscow Institute of People’s Economy named after G.V. Plekhanov, where he majored in Finance and Credit (Economist). In 2005, he was awarded a PhD in Economics, and in 2015, a PhD in Political Science. Upon graduation, Mr. Beliyaninov was invited to work at the KGB of the USSR. He worked in a number of foreign countries, and in the late 1980-es was posted to the USSR Embassy in the GDR (German Democratic Republic). 1992-1994: Deputy Chairman of the Board, REA-Bank; 1994-1999: Deputy Chairman of the Board, then Chairman of the Board, Novicombank. In 1999, he was appointed to the position of the General Director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FGUP) “Promexport”. 2004-2006: Director, Federal Military Procurement Service. 2006-2016: Head, Federal Customs Service. Since 1 December 2017, Andrey Beliyaninov was appointed Chairman of the EDB Management Board.