Daisuke Kotegawa

Daisuke Kotegawa has been a Research Director at the Canon Institute for Global Studies and a Special Advisor, Asia Forum Japan since 2011. He is also currently the Director of Asian Economic Center of National University of St. Petersburg (since 2018) and a Visiting Professor at Moscow National University (since 2016). From 2007-2010, Kotegawa was IMF executive director for Japan.

In addition to a wide range of experience in the financial sector, he spent 32 years with the Japanese Ministry of Finance, where he served as a Director General of Kanto Regional Finance Bureau from 2005 to 2006, and before that as Deputy Director-General of the Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of Finance; Deputy Director-General, International Bureau of the Ministry of Finance; and Director-General, Kanto Local Finance Bureau, Ministry of Finance. He has served as an External Director at SEKIDO Co., Ltd. since May 2012 and is a current Member of the Advisory Board at J Trust Co., Ltd and Independent External Director of Ichigo Group Holdings Co., Ltd. He holds an MBA from Stanford University and holds a Bachelor in Law from Tokyo University.