Iwi Sumbada

Iwi Sumbada is born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. He graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ohio State University and received his Masters in Business Administration from California State University. After three years working as a software engineer in Microsoft, he moved back to Asia. He leads both the Sales, Marketing, Logistic and Distribution arm of Sekar Group through PT Pangan Lestari, as well as Animal Nutrition division through PT Karka Nutri Industri.

Through his leadership, both divisions have experienced a constant 30% year on year growth in revenue in the last 13 years. Iwi plays a key role in the formation PT Sekar Golden Harvesta Indonesia, a Joint Venture company between Liaoning Wellhope Agritech and PT Karka Nutri Industri to build an integrated aquaculture nutrition solution in Indonesia.

Iwi was also involved in the initial discussion in the formation of Susilo Institute of Ethics in Global Economy. He is a father of two children, a marathoner, diver, avid snowboarder and a golfer.