Jean Yves Ollivier

Jean-Yves Ollivier is a French businessman specialized in facilitating international deals involving private and public partners.

He was born in Algier on October 8th, 1944 and has spent most of his career in African countries such as South Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo.

In addition to his business ventures, Jean-Yves Ollivier has been active for forty years in mediation and peace talking missions that he himself describes as parallel diplomacy, a concept based on personal and trust-based relations.

Jean-Yves Ollivier started his professional career in 1964 as an international commodities trader for Strauss Turnbull & Co (London). He was notably in charge of monitoring the South African gold mining sector.

He then worked (1966-1969) for JA Goldschmidt SA in Paris, where he managed the grain trade (notably the African market). It is in this period that he started to regularly travel to Africa. In 1970, he was hired by Grainex SA, where he quickly acquired important responsibilities.

For nearly forty years, Jean-Yves Ollivier has been an international commissioner, mainly in the oil, infrastructure and public works sectors.

In 1975, he founded his first company, Arinco Group. In 1980, he was chosen to represent several French companies (including Thomson) which were looking to invest in Africa.

In 1986 he was appointed director of Charbons de France, a French company specialized in coal trading. In the years 1980, 1990 and 2000, he created several companies and helped broker several deals for major international companies (ENI, CNPC, etc).

Jean-Yves Ollivier established the Brazzaville Foundation to establish better dialogue and address economic and environmental problems in Africa.