Movie Screening “Bornholmer Strasse”

Film screening at the DOC: 29 years after the spectacular opening of the Berlin Wall, we will hear from eyewitnesses who where there on that fateful night.

Harald Jäger, who in 1989 was a lieutenant colonel with the GDR border troops, became famous as commander of the Bornholmer Strasse crossing for opening the Wall on his own initiative on the evening of 9 November 1989.

Civil rights activist Ulrike Poppe was, until September 2017, the first Brandenburg state commissioner to deal with the consequences of the communist dictatorship.

Before we hear their first hand experiences of our guests, we will screen the 2014 film “Bornholmer Strasse”, a tragicomedy by director Christian Schwochow. The script follows the actual events, at the Bornholmer Strasse border crossing that night.