About Us

The world as we see it today is undergoing massive changes. How can we profit from new opportunities? How can we solve arising problems? The fact is: complex questions demand complex answers.

This is precisely the mission of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute. We are creating the scientific basis for solutions and answers for today’s most pressing issues. Global stakeholders from politics and institutions need reliable partners for important decisions. We believe that only through strong teamwork between science and politics we can cope with the challenges we are facing today.

Our name is our mission: the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute brings together global thought leaders from academia, public policy, business, and civil society to debate and develop practice-based policy advice. That is our key – without dialogue, no solutions. Therefore, the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute builds on a global network of experts, continuously creating special reports, expert commentary, and analysis from our international network of respected academics and responsible industry figures.