The DOC Research Institute is a self-sustained institute and receives no governmental grants or support.

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Why Become a Member?

Conflicts of many kinds kill thousands of people today. But tomorrow, if we are true to our science, we can all be part of the solution!

We believe that mutual understanding is the fundamental prerequisite for humankind’s inclusive development, and that open, respectful, and equitable dialogue is essential in these times of drastic global change and uncertainty.

If you realise that global threats require long-lasting solutions that are based on international, truly independent, scientific investigation, then we invite you to become the DOC Research Institute member today!

Our members are part of a global network enabling people around the world to work together, through the fundamental principles of dialogue, to develop applicable analyses and practical solutions for national and international policy-makers and institutions. Members enjoy access to the Institute’s opinion-shaping analysis in the form electronic and print publications, plus invitations to meetings and international conferences.

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Corporate Membership

For leading global companies and institutions seeking a closer relationship with the DOC Research Institute, and the visibility of such an association.

Event Sponsorship

This provides the opportunity to collaborate in the organisation of the DOC Research Institute’s events.

Strategic Partnership

Establish specific goals, strategies, and performance measures to further peaceful and sustainable global development.