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The 2019 European elections: Europe at a crossroads

Clemens Fabry
Alfred GusenbauerFoto: Clemens Fabry

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As we near the end of what has been a critical year for Europe, join the DOC Research Institute in Berlin to hear from Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer, Federal Chancellor of Austria (2007-2008), on what lies ahead for the continent.

Topics & questions of discussion:

  • Neoliberalism and the European social model. Can the social market economy be reinvented in the age of digitalization?
  • The spread of nationalism and populism. Is there a future for a politically unified Europe without Europeans?
  • The strained US-European axis of freedom and democracy is under pressure. EU-Russia relations are at an all-time low. Is China splitting the EU apart by establishing the 15+1 group? What is Europe’s role in the new international order?

This enlightening event is part of DOC’s new ‘Meet in Mitte’ series of insightful discussions and lectures. This lecture on ‘The 2019 European elections: Europe at a crossroads’ is vital for anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of the questions that Europeans are currently asking about the future of their countries and the European project as a whole.

Attendance provides participants with an excellent opportunity to network with peers. Refreshments will be provided.

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Austrian ex-Chancellor Gusenbauer: Europe at a crossroads


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Alfred Gusenbauer

Dr. AlfredGusenbauer

Federal Chancellor of Austria (2007-2008); Board Member, DOC Research Institute

Berlin, Germany

23 Französische Straße, 10117


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