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Bringing down identitarian isolationism – A coexister Conference

Bringing down identitarian isolationism – A coexister Conference

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How can we bring down identitarian isolationism? This is the question our speakers will attempt to resolve during this conference. In the face of the ever growing globalization of the world, we can witness a rise of identity politics and isolationism in Europe today. This is when people tend to fall back on their identity that discriminations, prejudices and racism flourish the most.

Active Coexistence is a society model that aims to reach a personal and social balance between identity and diversity. It translates into methods of action, through concrete collaboration, at a human level, between people of different backgrounds voluntarily willing to engage in a dynamic of mutual respect.

Speakers will intervene on selected topics to present solutions that aim at reducing this phenomenon and increase interactions, social connections and mutual respect between people of all faiths, origins, social backgrounds.

Topics include discussions on the civic involvement of the youth, the life of a refugee in Europe today or initiatives that fight racism and discriminations.

This event is organized in partnership with the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute, United Religions Initiative and the European Network Against Racism.

A reception will be held afterwards, from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.

This event is free but registration is required. You may register here: www.berlinconference.coexister.eu

Berlin, Germany

23 Französische Straße