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The Concept of Dialogue in the Modern World: Philosophical Understanding and Practical Application

The concept of dialogue in the modern world: a philosophical understanding and practical application

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The topics of the online conference are designed in such a way so to promote the development of knowledge and skills of intercultural understanding and communication from a methodological and practical points of view. Needless to say, in the modern world, intercultural understanding, management and dialogue skills are extremely important, whether it concerns issues of social cohesion in society or the fight against radicalism and radical ideas of violence and intolerance. The upcoming online conference will help to find answers to these challenges.

Practical relevance of the online conference is connected with application of the concept of dialogue in educational process. These issues will be discussed using the example of new digital innovative methods and practices in the secondary education system (particularly, the online platform “Intercultural Dialogue”), higher education (such as the formation of new curricula, correlation of international and local programs using the case of Institute Sorbonne-Kazakhstan), etc.

To share the best practices, it is planned to present and discuss among a wide range of stakeholders involved in the system of secondary, higher education, the online platform “Intercultural Dialogue”, for its subsequent use as a multi-faceted and comprehensive system resource in educational, creative, cultural fields.

The upcoming conference is a good example of cooperation among all interested participants from different countries at the interdisciplinary level, which allows highlighting the topic of intercultural dialogue from the most diverse perspectives and benefitting from the existing potential of all partner-participants.


The conference will be held online with the participation of speakers located in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Russia, France, India, China, etc. using the digital facilities of the Institute Sorbonne-Kazakhstan (ISK).

There was already good experience of holding an online conference, particularly, the online session held in 2017 with the participation of partners from the international network of UNESCO Chairs, with the invited online speaker, well-known scholar, prof. M.T. Stepanyants, head of the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Event will be held at 15:00 (Almaty time), 10:00 (Paris time). Duration is 2 hours

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Kazybek bi, 28

Координатор проекта: Л.Г. Ерекешева, д.и.н., доц.

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