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Making cultural diversity work: An interactive workshop with Peter Mousaferiadis

An interactive workshop with Peter Mousaferiadis

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How diverse is your workspace? As the world becomes more interconnected, diversity counts for more than ever.

Peter Mousaferiadis, founder of Cultural Infusion a leading cultural enterprise that is dedicated to fostering global harmony through intercultural understandings, will join us at the DOC for an interactive workshop on how to measure diversity in your workplace through a new digital product, the ‘Ancestry Atlas’.

Intercultural communication is essential for institutions and businesses with diverse staff that hold a wide range of life experiences as well as varying cultural and linguistic backgrounds. If managed properly, diversity can foster creativity, develop problem-solving capacities, and improve productivity.

This event will help you think through numerous key questions: Do your colleagues come from different cultural backgrounds? Is cultural diversity in workspaces and institutions a good blueprint for a harmonious cultural society? How can your institution develop through the presence of different cultural backgrounds to create common work values and strategies? Are diverse intercultural institutions a success? Do cultures matter in the work place?

The Ancestry Atlas is an innovative, web-based tool that measures the diversity of institutions and fosters inclusive strategies that are based on the cultural, linguistic, and demographic make-up of a workspace. It not only measures diversity, but also develops different approaches to create a harmonious intercultural environment, a microcosm of our diverse societies.

Join us at the DOC, on 8 April, for a lively discussion on digital tools to improve your institutions with cultural infusion!

This interactive event will be followed by Q&A as well as the opportunity for networking. To get the full experience please bring your smartphone or another web-enabled device.

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Peter Mousaferiadis is the founder of Cultural Infusion. Peter has had a career as a conductor and creative director. He has directed and produced some of the largest outdoor and indoor events in Australia including nine Australia Day Concerts, and numerous international Opening and Closing Ceremonies for clients including the United Nations and Parliament of World Religions.

Peter holds numerous positions including the current chair of the Lahore International Conference on Culture, an Associate of the UNESCO Chair for Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue Asia-Pacific and is a Global Trustee of United Religions Initiative. In 2013, Peter developed the winning slogan for the UNAOC “Do One Thing for Diversity” campaign titled “Diversified We Grow” and in 2017 received the Peace Ambassador Award from the Centre of Peace Studies in Sri Lanka.

Berlin, Germany

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