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The deterioration of East-West relations

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The Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute (DOC), the International Institute for Peace (IIP), and the Research Center for Eurasian Studies at the University of Vienna (EURAS) organise an expert roundtable in Vienna on 23 May 2018: “The Deterioration of East-West Relations”.

While in the Far East all signs point to rapprochement and détente, Europeans are increasingly concerned by growing political tensions and confrontations. According to analysts, at times the rhetoric even exceeds the level reached during the Cold War – a time that was until recently thought to be a memory of the past.

The roundtable, which will be followed by a reception organised by the International Institute for Peace (IIP), combines experts and academics from Austria, Russia, Germany, and the US. It will try to identify the real causes of worsening East-West relations and come up with possible ways out of the muddled situation.

Dr. Walter Schwimmer, former Secretary General, Council of Europe, and DOC Co-Founder

Dr. Vladislav Belov, Deputy Director of the Institute of Europe at the Russian Academy of Science
Prof. Dr. Fred Dallmayr, Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, USA
Dr. Alexander Dubowy, Coordinator, Research Center for Eurasian Studies at the University of Vienna
Prof. Dr. Otmar Höll, former Director, Austrian Institute of International Politics
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hans Köchler, President, International Progress Organization, Austria
Hon. Prof. Peter W. Schulze, Georg August University Göttingen, Germany

Mag. Stephanie Fenkart, M.A., Director, International Institute for Peace, Austria

The IIP is located near the Vienna subway station Taubstummengasse (U1).

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