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DOC Research Institute Launch

DOC Research Institute Launch

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The DOC Research Institute celebrates its launch in Berlin. High-profile guests known for their contribution to politics, public life, and the economy are joining us to mark this special day for DOC.

Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz, former German ambassador to the UK and Russia delivers a welcome speech and shares his views on our troubled world, which is in dire need of what DOC Research Institute embodies: dialogue. German General A.D. Harald Kujat will also participate in the DOC’s launch event in Berlin.

DOC’s co-founders, Founding president Vladimir Yakunin, Co-chairman Walter Schwimmer and Professor Peter W. Schulze will give a presentation outlining the DOC’s history and mission. They will each apply their very different, completely complementary expertise to the main issues of the day that need to be tackled, with the overarching question being: How can we respond to the ongoing global conflicts and how can we develop an efficient approach to preserving peace?

These questions will be discussed during the panel event and subsequent Q&A session that includes, in addition to Founding-president Vladimir Yakunin: philanthropist Ruben VardanyanMichael Stürmer, chief correspondent at Germany’s leading newspaper Die Welt, Michael Harms, executive director of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, Armen Sarkissian, Armenian Ambassador to the UK and Jean-Christophe Bas, founder of Global Compass.

The audience will also have an opportunity to get a sense of DOC’s original research into today’s most complex problems, when Professor Edward Demenchonok from Fort Valley State University presents his special report on the topic “New Babarians at the Gate”. As dialogue is the key, not only to DOC’s mission but in this launch event, Professor Demenchonok will be glad to answer questions arising following his talk.

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Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz

Hans-Friedrichvon Ploetz

Chairman of the Investment Advisory Council of the Green Gateway Fund Berlin and member of the Supervisory Board of “Baltic International Bank” Riga


Chair of the Advisory Council, Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium Chairman of the NATO Military Committee (2000 -2005), Chief of Staff of the German Armed Forces (2000 - 2002)
Vladimir Yakunin


Founding President of WPF Dialogue of Civilizations, Head of the Department for State Governance, Moscow State University, Co-founder of the
Armen Sarkissian


Ambassador of Armenia to the United Kingdom Prime Minister of Armenia (1996 - 1997)
Michael Harms


Executive Director of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations
Jean-Christophe Bas


Founder and President, The Global Compass; Former Director of Democratic Citizenship and Participation, Directorate General of Democracy, Council of Europe (France)
Regina von Flemming

Reginavon Flemming

Member of the Board, Russian- German Chamber of Foreign Trade; Member of the Supervisory Board, German Russian Forum
Adrian Pabst


Senior Lecturer at the School of Politics and International Relations, University of Kent; visiting professor at the Institute of Political Studies de Lille (Sciences Po)
Jiahong Chen


Adjunct Fellow of Education Program, East West Center, Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership
Andrey Klepach


Head of the Department for Macroeconomic Policy and Strategic Development, Faculty of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Berlin, Germany

Behrenstraße 42