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Don’t let me be misunderstood: Making dialogue between cultures work

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Join DOC Berlin to discover a better understanding of and easy tools for effective international communication from expert UN interpreter Susanne Kilian, who has worked for US presidents, Head of IMF Christine Lagarde and leading German politicians.  

We at DOC believe that open and mutually respectful dialogue between civilisations is the fundamental prerequisite for effective cooperation and partnership between civilisations. However, effective communication across cultures and languages can sometimes be a tricky goal to achieve.

Each language has its own style of communication that has evolved over many centuries. Even if we share a common working language (very often English), we think and speak in the familiar patterns of our own native language.

Therefore, the same word or sentence can be understood differently across the various cultures and countries that we work. This can lead to unfortunate misunderstandings that cost time and money. How can we learn to avoid this?

In this entertaining lecture, part of our ‘Meet in Mitte’ series, Susanne will reveal her insights into the magic and power of well chosen words. Through years of global UN interpreting experience she has developed effective communication strategies that find common ground between cultures and help facilitate effective international deals, negotiations and win-win situations.

Join us to hear her learnings on language and communication and discover the art of being understood.

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